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The Snake Woman Movie


Directed by
Produced by
Music by
Anu Malik
Julian Lennon
Panjabi MC
DKFP (David Kushner & Franky Perez)
Editing by
Release date(s)
October 22, 2010
United States
$5-15 million
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Hisss (also known as Nagin: The Snake Woman) is a 2010 film, directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch. Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat plays the lead role as Nagin.


George States (JeffDoucette) is suffering from the last stage of brain cancer and has only six months to live. In order to prevent death and gain immortality, he decides to extract the 'Nagmani' from a shape-shifting snake who can take human form, Nagin (MallikaSherawat). He captures the nag [the male snake] so that the nagin [the female] comes after the capturer to free her lover, thus allowing him to obtain the nagmani by force. He keeps the nag in a glass box where he electrocutes and tortures him. His plan works and the nagin starts following him. On her way, she is helped by a police inspector (Irrfan Khan) and his wife (Divya Dutta), who is infertile, causing a strain in their relationship. The nagin also helps a few women who are helpless: One who is beaten mercilessly by her husband; one being raped by a man and so on. She brutally murders those men who were involved in the capture of her mate as well as men who torture women. The police inspector who is investigating the murders tries to help her find her mate, takes care of the murder cases. Finally, she reaches George's hideout where she reclaims her mate and they engage both in sexual intimacy. George attempts to capture the nagin during intercourse since this will be when she will be at her most vulnerable. Wearing a suit that hides his heat signature, he lures her by using her dying mate as bait to a trap. He captures her and tries taking the nagmani but at that moment, the police inspector arrives and helps her. Angered by the death of her mate by the hands of George, she takes on a huge form: half snake, half woman, and throws him in the same glass box where her mate was kept and electrocutes him. The ending shows George's rotten body still lying in the glass box, the police inspector and his wife finally having a child and the nagin's eggs hatching.
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>>  MallikaSherawat as Nagin
>>  Irrfan Khan as Inspector Vinkram Gupta
>>  JeffDoucette as George States
>>  Divya Dutta as Maya Gupta, Inspector's wife

The film was shot simultaneously in English and Hindi. Famed special effects designer Robert Kurtzman was responsible for developing the look of the Snake Woman in the film.The film was shot in the jungle of Kerala, India. The film was also shot in Mumbai, Chennai, Madh Island, and in the studios of Filmistan.
The film is edited by American film editor Tony Ciccone, who is also credited with additional sound design. His film editing credit is misrepresented on preliminary on-line posters as "Anthony Ciccone.
Mooppan Raghavan, tribal leader of Thalikakal settlement in Kerala, and over a dozen members of his tribe were recruited as extras for the film.
A documentary, titled Despite the Gods, about director Jennifer Lynch's struggle to make the film was released in 2012.
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At the Cannes Film Festival, Mallika Sherawat promoted the film by posing with a 22-foot-long (6.7 m) Burmese python on the red carpet. The film was released in India on October 22 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The Malayalam version was released on 12 November.


Hisss attracted negative reviews from various critics. Nikhat Kazmi of Times of India gave it 2 out of 5 stars and stated - "A film like Hisss should have scored with its special effects. But once again, the carnage that the serpent unleashes is grotesque and her transformation from seductress woman to venomous reptile is more funny than eyeball-grabbing." Taran Adarsh from Bollywood Hungama gave it 1/2 star out of five & stated that " If there were Razzies in Bollywood, HISSS would win hands down. Films like HISSS make you realize what's going wrong in Bollywood today. On one hand we celebrate the new stories being told in our movies and on the other, we churn out a HISSS, which is badly scripted, poorly enacted and carelessly directed. Believe me, it's easy to solve the crossword puzzle in newspapers than it is to understand what exactly is going on in this film.As for director Jennifer Lynch, she needs a crash course in film-making pronto. The visual effects seem straight out of a B-grade Bollywood film.


Anu Malik composed the on camera songs for the film. Alexander von Bubenheim composed the original score. The soundtrack consists of six original recordings, composed by Anu Malik, David Kushner, Panjabi MC, Alexander Von Bubenheim, Salim-Sulaiman and Julian Lennon, and lyrics penned by Sameer, Shruti Haasan, Mallika Sherawat, Shweta Pandit, Shraddha Pandit and Sayeed Quadri. The soundtrack also featured hit songs from the films Robot and De Dana Dan. Mallika Sherawat makes her musical debut on the film's soundtrack alongside Julian Lennon. Shruti Haasan sings and appears in a promotional video with music by Dave Kushner for the film. Music Supervisor for the film, Marcus Barone, co produced the Soundtrack Album for Split Image Soundtracks with Venus Records and Tapes along with co producer of the film William Keenan. Official Bollywood Soundtrack Charts  charted "I Got That Poison" Performed by Panjabi MC  and Shweta Pandit at 8 from Oct 24 through Nov, 5 2010.
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