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Indian action film Singham


Directed by
Produced by
Reliance Entertainment
Written by
Sajid – Farhad (dialogues)
Screenplay by
Yunus Sajawal
Story by
Music by
Editing by
Distributed by
Reliance Entertainment
Release date(s)
22 July 2011
Running time
138 minutes
20 crore (US$3.99 million)
Box office
140 crore (US$27.93 million)
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Singham (Hindi: सिंघम, 'Lion') is a 2011 Indian action film directed by Rohit Shetty starring Ajay Devgn, Kajal Aggarwal and Prakash Raj in lead roles. It is a remake of the 2010 Tamil film Singam featuring Suriya. The film is produced by Reliance Entertainment, which co-produced the original Tamil movie. The theatrical trailer was released with Ready on 3 June 2011. The film released on 22 July 2011, and received solid response worldwide. It went on to strike as a Blockbuster, and became one of the highest grossing movies of 2011.Singham grossed 100 crore (US$19.95 million) at Indian Box-office,after taking entertainment tax into account,thus making it a member of Bollywood's 100 crore (US$19.95 million) club.


Singham opens with an honest police officer in Goa, Rakesh Kadam (SudhanshuPandey), committing suicide because of false accusations of corruption by Jaikant Shikre (Prakash Raj), a don and politician in Goa running a kidnapping racket. Kadam's wife Megha Kadam (Sonali Kulkarni) vows revenge.
The story moves to Shivgarh, a small village near the Goa-Maharashtra border where majority of the population are of Marathi origin. Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn), an honest Maratha police inspector like Kadam, is in charge. He resolves most of the problems in his town with non-violence and mutual counselling. He uses force only when the situation demands it, thereby gaining much reputation and love from the villagers. Gautam Bhosle ("Gotya," Sachin Khedekar) is an industrialist and a friend of Singham’s father Manikrao Singham (Govind Namdeo). He comes to town with his beautiful daughter Kavya (Kajal Aggarwal). Eventually Singham and Kavya fall in love with each other.
Everything seems to run smoothly until Jaikant, who is given a conditional bail for a murder he committed, is required to travel to Shivgarh to sign the bail every fortnight. He, instead, sends one of his allies to do the formalities, much to the anger and rage of Singham who demands Jaikant sign the bail in person. Humiliated, Jaikant reaches Shivgarh but is unable to take any revenge on Singham fearing the immense love and devotion of the entire village towards Singham. Using his political contacts, he gets Singham transferred to Goa to teach him a lesson.
Singham, unaware of Jaikant’s hand behind his transfer, joins Colva police station. His co-workers, Sub-Inspector Phadnis (Vineet Sharma), Sub-Inspector Abbas (AnkurNayyar), Head Constable Savalkar (Ashok Saraf) hate Jaikant for his crimes but are unable to take any action because of Jaikant’s political powers. DSP Patkar (MurliSharma), Singham's senior, is on Jaikant's payroll and takes care in concealing and eliminating the evidence of Jaikant’s crime from the eyes of the law. Singham tries to take this to the notice of DGP Vikram Pawar (Pradeep Velankar) but it turns out to be of no use as there is no evidences against Jaikant and Patkar. The local minister Anant Narvekar (Anant Jog) does not help Singham and, in turn, he warns him to stay away from Jaikant's case. Defeated Singham wants to return to his hometown but is stopped by Kavya and Insp.Kadam's son Nitin (Agasthya Dhanorkar) who encourage him to fight against the evil and not run like a coward.
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>>  Ajay Devgan as Inspector Bajirao  Singham
>>  Prakash Raj as Jaikant Shikre
>>  KajalAggarwal as Kavya Bhosle
>>  SachinKhedekar as Gautam Bhosle / Gotya
>>  Ashok Samarth as Shiva Naik
>>  Murli Sharma as DSP Patkar
>>  SudhanshuPandey as Inspector Rakesh Kadam
>>  SonaliKulkarni as Megha Kadam
>>  Agasthya Dhanorkar as Nitin Kadam
>>  Govind Namdeo as Manikrao Singham
>>  Anant Jog as Minister Anant Narvekar
>>  AnkurNayyar as Inspector Abbas
>>  Suchitra Bandekar as Mrs. Bhosle
>>  SanaAmin Sheikh as Anjali Bhosle
>>  Ashok Saraf as Head Constable Savalkar

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After the success of the Tamil film Singam, directed by Hari in 2010, the film's remake rights were sold by the producers for Hindi and Kannada versions. The co-producers of the Tamil version, Reliance Big Pictures purchased the Hindi remake rights and announced in November 2010 that the version would feature Rohit Shetty as director and Ajay Devgn in the lead role. Prakash Raj was signed on to reprise his role as the antagonist from the original, whilst reports emerged that Asin and Anushka Shetty were being considered for the female lead role. Anushka was replaced by Kajal Aggarwal, another actress who was predominantly featured in South Indian films.
Singham went on floors in November 2010, with its scheduled cast. The first schedule began in early March 2011 with action sequences shot in Goa featuring technicians from South India.


Reliance Entertainment released Singham on 22 July 2011 in 2000 screens worldwide with 1500 prints excluding overseas. The film's DVD was released on 23 August 2011. The Delhi High Court, upon Reliance Entertainment's request, issued an order to all Indian ISPs to block filesharing sites to prevent piracy of Singham.

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